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California Bar Exam Tutoring

Learn MBE Strategies

Work on real released MBE questions with your California bar exam tutor to learn how to improve your chances of selecting the correct answer. You’ll see how the examiners draft questions to entice you to pick a distractor answer. You’ll learn what your weaknesses are so that you can address them as you prepare.

Writing Techniques

Answer essay questions and submit them to your tutor before your sessions. Your tutor will review your answers with you and show you exactly what mistakes you are making, and how to improve your score. This is the kind of expert personal instruction that you cannot find anywhere else (especially in a traditional bar review course).

Online Access

You will have access to all of our online California bar exam resources including over 80 hours of strategy and substantive law lectures, sample template study schedules, complete digital outlines, and our MBE question bank containing over 1400 released, 3000 practice questions, and 1000 learning questions.


Our former bar exam graders, professors, and attorney tutors have been helping students pass the California bar exam for almost 20 years.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a California bar exam tutor?

For most first-time bar examinees, a California bar review course is enough to pass the exam. Most first-time examinees do not need a bar exam tutor. However, if you qualify as an at-risk examinee, you should consider working with a tutor.

Who Qualifies as an At-Risk Taker?

The following examinees qualify as at-risk California bar exam takers:

  1. ABA law school graduates in lower 40% of law school class;
  2. All Non-ABA law school graduates;
  3. foreign lawyers or law school graduates;
  4. examinees who graduated from law school over 10 years ago who has not been actively involved in the practice of law; and
  5. anyone who failed a bar exam in any jurisdiction.

Does tutoring include substantive materials?

Yes. Through our partnership with AmeriBar, all tutoring students will be automatically enrolled in AmeriBar’s Complete Traditional California bar review course.

How much does tutoring cost?

The California bar exam tutoring program costs $2395. It includes 12 one-hour long tutoring sessions and all substantive materials.

How are the tutoring sessions conducted?

Tutoring is conducted via skype/facetime or telephone (your option). We do not conduct tutoring sessions in person.